Want To Copy Brett's Exact Business Model That Has Generated $900+ In A Single Day?

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Hey guys Brett here,

One of my personal favorite uses for IV Pages is to make quick and easy bonus pages. These pages generally offer one of my own software products as a special bonus if someone purchases an affiliate product through my link.

Its a tactic that I use quite often and its one that works very well.

In fact here is over $900 earned in a single day with this exact tactic:

Now I realized that for me this tactic is much easier than it is for many other people. As a professional software developer I have several software products that I can use as bonuses any time I want.

Also I create new bonuses at will.

I started thinking about this problem, and how I can make it easier for you, so you can copy my exact tactics to potentially get the same results that I do.

While I unfortunately cant teach you to be a software developer, what I can do is offer you a complete package of my premium WordPress plugins WITH GIVEAWAY RIGHTS so you can use them in your own promotions as bonuses just like I do (or as lead magnets so you can build a list).

So thats what I decided to do:
For a limited time you can get 4 of my premium plugins with full giveaway / reseller rights. These are the same plugins that I have used in my own promotions. They are high quality, well tested, and fully supported by me.

In this pack you get all of these:
For the one time price of just $47 with full reseller / giveaway rights!
(thats just $11.75 each!)

You can't buy ANY of these plugins normally for $11.75 however with this special offer you can get all 4 of them for just that amount per plugin WITH the reseller / giveaway rights so you can duplicate my exact money making tactics with Instant Video pages.

However this is a VERY limited time special offer, I simply cant let people have give away / reseller rights to 4 of my premium plugins for this crazy low price forever. Because of this not only will the offer close, but this page will be gone forever when the timer below expires.

If your ready to use the exact tactics I use in my own business, to generate over $900 in a single day then click below to get this special offer before its to late!

No thank you. I do not want done for me bonuses so I can copy Bretts proven tactic
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